I have bought many incredibly beautiful pieces of jewelry from you. No matter what piece I wear I am ALWAYS stopped and told how exquisite the piece is and asked, “Where did you get that beautiful….” As someone who loves antique jewelry, one of the things that I love about your work is the true artistry that goes into each and every piece. It is rare to find that in contemporary jewelry. Your designs are original and the workmanship is masterful. It is always such a treat for me to see your new collections and have you custom design a necklace just for me. I love wearing your jewelry! Thank you!
- Debbie Piltch

Sculptural and flowing, the colors and stones in Talia’s creations always invite compliments and discussions wherever I am. I have made more new friends wearing Talia’s designs! I started with one necklace - then decided to go for one every day of the week and now want one for every day of the month! they are all different and all gorgeous. I am always happy when I put on a talia piece. Talia’s pieces are extraordinarily unique. no two pieces are the same and they all make a statement about Talia’s aesthetic sensibility. Half the fun and glory of owning one of Talia’s pieces is knowing talia! she has such a gift for friendship and for design.
- Nancy Friedlander

A tag should accompany all Talia Don jewelry and it should read: Warning: this piece of jewelry may inspire envy, lust, and at the very least, a request for information on where to purchase it. I can’t think of a time when I have worn one of Talia’s pieces without being accosted by total strangers wanting to beg, borrow, or steal whichever piece of Talia’s that I happen to have been wearing. But what I really love most is how the jewelry makes me feel - just that much more sparkly, just that much more classy, and just that much more beautiful!
- Jill Greenberg